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Products I Use

Always Consult With Your Health Care Physician Before Taking Any Supplement The Following Is For Educational Purposes Only.


Vitamin D3 + K2

It's important to get your vitamin D levels checked, low vitamin D can trigger anxiety.  I recommend you speak to your healthcare professional and get your levels checked.  This is the brand I use and love. 


Happy Saffron Plus

Saffron is a superfood, and this product is what I recommend to my loved ones who are looking for an alternative to anti-depressants.

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Anxiety Ease Wellness Tea

Tea has long been known for its benefits to overall health and wellness, and Anxiety Ease is no exception. Take a moment for yourself and enjoy a cup of The Anxiety Dr's own blend and help ease your worries.

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Get your ZZZ's

Sleep is crucial for anxiety recovery and for our overall health, I recommend drinking tea before bedtime. This is what I drink.


Calm My Brain

A great combination of ASHWAGANDHA ROOT EXTRACT, L-THEANINE, and MAGNESIUM a product by Dr. Daniel Amen.



Omega-3 is good for our overall health, it helps our heart function properly as well as our brain, by helping blood flow.

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