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Spill the Tea with Dr. C

How can I spread mental health awareness and help people learn that self-care is important? I've thought of this for about a year now. So when this pandemic started, I thought it was the perfect time for me to start spreading the word. I knew that It was a stressful time for everyone and I also knew that minimizing our stress was important to keep our immune system healthy. So I started providing free stress management techniques and helping people get through all the stress and anxiety with our new shelter at home routine. I started with Instagram, then YouTube, but I think I've found my platform...PODCAST!!! I keep hearing how it's the perfect time to start a podcast and to be honest I thought you had to be tech geek (no offense to these amazing peeps) to know how to put your content out to the world. But the more I researched the more I kept hearing how easy it was. So I decided to record a few episodes just to try out the tech behind putting out an episode. And guess what, It was easy. I found this amazing app called Anchor and seriously now I regret starting sooner. Now I host not only one podcast but two. My first Podcast is of course Therapy TEA with Dr. Lisa C. The second podcast I'm cohosting with my brother Bob, and his best friend DJ Kon. That podcast is about our hispanic/Latinx culture. It's called UN TECITO TUESDAY, which is a fun no filter podcast with my two fun cohosts. So I guess I want to keep the TEA theme. TECITO means TEA in Spanish. Don't forget to tune in. LOVE YA!!!

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