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"Tea have so many benefits."

So, most of you know that I'm an avid tea drinker. I named my podcast Therapy TEA, and the podcast that I cohost with my brother and his best friend is named Un TEcito podcast. Tecito is tea in spanish. Growing up my mom always made us drink a warm cup of Tea if we were sick, had a tummy ache, or just to help us fall asleep. It always worked, I sometimes thought maybe she was adding benadryl in the tea, but she didn't. In the hispanic culture we use a lot of herbs and plants for almost anything. The practice of remedios or remedies is still used and lots of these remedies are past on from generation to generation.

Remedies are used for common illnesses. Our grandmas and/or mothers would use remedios to help us with an ear ache, empacho (constipation), or susto (trauma). Teas, herbs, spices, and prayer are often used in remedios.

So, it's no wonder Dr. Lisa keeps sharing all these teas with you. I was taught at a young age that teas where therapeutic. But, I didn't continue drinking teas because I hated them growing up. So when I left to college after high school, I stopped drinking teas. Funny thing is I still hate Ice Tea. Ive never liked it, but I love hot teas.

So, when did I start drinking teas again. Well, when my parents dropped me off in San Antonio, they didn't stay long. They helped me unload my things and helped me arrange my dorm and they left. Watching my parents drive off, I could feel my chest feeling tight, my palms were sweating and my head was pounding. I walked up the stairs and got light headed and dizzy. I couldn't catch my breathe, I didn't know at the time, but this was my first full blown Panic Attack. I even felt like I got a fever. It was a horrible feeling and I was all alone, in a city with no family or friends. This panic attacked lasted only about 20 min, but felt like an eternity.

Years, went by with no panic attacks, but sometimes a lingering anxiety. This lingering anxiety would creep up, but wouldn't grow into a panic attack until my senior year in college. I was applying to grad schools, super stressed out with finals, and working 3 jobs.

The panic attack hit me and this time I told someone, my mom. I called her and told her how I was feeling and she told me to go buy a specific tea. I didn't listen to her because I didn't believe a tea would help. It wasn't until three days after that when I got my 3rd panic attack that I went looking for the tea. I bought it and drank the tea. Now...did it help, who knows is what I thought back then, but now I know that teas are so beneficial.

The combination of therapy and Tea is what helped me get control of my life again and finally eliminate the panic attacks. Now, do I still have anxiety? Of course. Anxiety is a normal emotion, but is it the severe panic attacks and anxiety that controls my life. HELL NO!!!

Now I'm blessed to teach others what I've learned. I love what I do, and love seeing my patients be free of fear. I'm happy to help everyone and I've helped thousands of people.

So here are my favorites that help minimize anxiety.

  1. Chamomile - May Help to calm your Anxiety and Stress.

  2. Lavender - May Help reduce Anxiety, Mood, and Insomnia

  3. Valerian - May Help reduce Insomnia, Anxiety, and stress

  4. Lemon Balm - May Help reduce Anxiety, Insomnia, Stress, and Depressions.

  5. Passionflower - May Help improve Sleep, Anxiety, and Insomnia.

  6. Green Tea - May Help with Anxiety.

  7. Turmeric - May Help with Anxiety and Inflammation.

  8. Licorice - May help reduce Stress

  9. Echinacea - May help reduce Anxiety and Tension

  10. St. John's Wart - May help with Depression and Anxiety

  11. Rose - May help with Tension

Teas have antioxidants and help with other illnesses. Let me know what your favorite tea is.

Dr. Lisa Cortez, Psychotherapist

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