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Zen Anxiety Away

Our Meditation Membership

"Anxiety change my life, let it change yours." -Dr. Lisa

Ready To Zen Anxiety Away?

Discover an anxiety-reducing oasis with our highly anticipated monthly meditation subscription led by none other than the renowned Dr. Lisa, known as The Anxiety Dr.  Designed to provide you with the guidance needed to find inner peace and serenity, this meditation monthly subscription invites you to join us twice a week for guided meditation sessions tailored specifically for anxiety relief.

Dr. Lisa's expertise and compassionate guidance will empower you to cultivate a deep sense of calm and resilience amidst the chaos of everyday life.  From the comfort of your own space, you'll embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, learning an invaluable technique to manage stress and foster a lasting sense of tranquility. 

This is a unique opportunity to directly learn from Dr. Lisa, whose reputation precedes her as a leading authority in the field.

Unlock the door to a life free from the damn dreadful anxiety with our exclusive meditation subscription.  Begin your journey towards Inner Peace and Emotional Well-Being TODAY.  Sign-up now to secure your spot in this highly-anticipated program and experience the transformative power of meditation with Dr. Lisa!

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Billed Month, Cancel at Anytime


Weekly Meditations

  • Live Guided Meditations Via Zoom every Monday Mornings & Wednesday Afternoons

  • Monthly Q&A Via Zoom for the first 50 members

  • Access to our Group Chat for Support and Empowerment

  • Access to our Meditation Library Anytime

(Current live meditations are Mondays at 9:15am CST and Wednesdays at 3:30pm CST)

Please convert to your time zone, new times will be added.

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