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6 Easy tip to help you fall asleep and kick insomnia in the BUTT

Updated: May 14, 2020

SO, right now during COVID-19/Shelter in place, we all are a little off with our sleep schedule. If your not essential we don't need to be anywhere, if you work from home we save the commute time and if you're like me, we use it to sleep in a bit more. Some people have messaged me asking for help with insomnia. These 5 easy tips can help you get back to a better sleep pattern and help you fall asleep.

1.) 1 hour before you want to go to sleep TURN OFF ALL ELECTRONICS

2.) Do not charge your phone right next to your bed, place it somewhere far from your bed

3.) Do not eat, work, watch TV or anything but sleep in our bed.

4.) Start waking up 1 hour earlier everyday until your sleep pattern is where you want it to be. (YOU WILL BE TIRED, DO NOT TAKE NAPS)

5.) Start practicing some form of meditation, relaxation techniques, hypnosis, or guided imagery (Check out my video on youtube on RELAXATION)

6.) Journal 2 hours before you go to bed that you're worried or stressed out about. This gives you time to process things so your not thinking while you're trying to go to sleep.

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